Friday, September 6, 2013

Who Will Challenge? Who Will Win?

They are rolling up their sleeves, preparing for one of the most competitive experiences of their lives.  At stake:  Reputation.  Honor.  Glory.  Bragging rights.
Our bravest men and women of Hunterdon -- our greatest and most selfless volunteers, the First Responders -- people who run into burning buildings, pull victims out of smoking vehicles and rescue those in need will now come face to face with each other and fight it out in public once and for all.
No sissy arm wrestling here!  No pulling weight with a tractor!  This is grit.  This is tough.  This is CHILI! 
You heard it right:  hot oil, bacon fat, ground beef and onions and the fire of jalapenos.
And it's not too late for YOU to enter... that's right -- you can compete against our Volunteer Fire Companies and Rescue Squads for the title of "People's Choice!"  Below you'll find the link to the Entry Form, the Rules and the Flyer.  Or you can just go to our website and view the Chili Cook-off fundraiser page.
Whether you want to cook or eat pots of homemade chili, September 28th will prove an event where every one is a winner.... some with prizes, but all with full bellies!

Chili Cook-off fundraiser page at:

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