Monday, September 9, 2013

Chili Cookoff Countdown

On September 28th, the Hunterdon Tricentennial Committee is challenging all comers to a contest to prove who makes the best chili.  Open to the public, we have particularly reached out to our great First Responders and also Hunterdon's restaurants.  Various prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges, but everyone attending can vote for the "People's Choice" prize.

Here's what you get for your ticket price of $25:

A beautiful, HAND MADE sunflower bowl that has the 300th's logo on the bottom -- yours to keep after you've tasted a bucket load of chili;

A sample taste of every chili entered -- if you can last to try them all!

A vote on who made the best chili;

Hot dogs, roasted corn, watermelon;

TWO -- count 'em -- TWO live bands!!;

Line dancing lessons!

Beer available by the glass in our commemorative beer mug emblazoned with the 300th's logo.

Now THAT'S a party!

More about the bands, the contestants, and the party coming in future blogs.  Stay tuned!

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