Monday, February 1, 2016


The winter of 1776 was supposed to far worse than the snow fall we had two weekends ago.... Hard to imagine trudging through snow and ice from the Delaware River to Trenton in clothing and shoes that didn't include micro fibers and space aged fabrics.  How hungry the soldiers must have been for freedom from the Crown to do what they did.  Would we have the intestinal fortitude to do that today?   

The 300th is now ticketing events in February and March which are all free!  Head over to our website at for reservations or call 908 788 2030.



February 16:  "Black Slaves and Soldiers in the American Revolution" with Fred Minus, Main Branch of the County Library, 314 Route 12, Flemington, 7 pm.  Did you know that 22 slaves and 12 free men of color aided General George Washington as he crossed the Delaware from Pennsylvania into Hunterdon County, New Jersey that fateful Christmas of 1776?  How did General Washington, a Virginia plantation owner, feel about having black soldiers in his army?  An important topic during Black History Month, join Fred Minus, a volunteer and re-enactor at the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton for a provocative, informative and generally unknown side of the history of the American Revolution.  Refreshments.  Free.  Reservations Required.  (Snow Date, 2/23)

March 8:  "History Mapping the American Revolution in New Jersey" with John Allen, Main Branch of the County Library, 314 Route 12, Flemington, 7 pm .  David Munn’s bicentennial publication “Battles and Skirmishes of The American Revolution in New Jersey” was “history mapped” using Google Earth, a free geographic software. Each entry has been located (to the extent possible), and links provided to external websites so the user can access additional content explaining key events, locating monumented and marked sites, and understanding troop movement. John Allen's presentation provides an historical perspective on the ebb and flow of military events in the 1774 - 1783 time frame in both Hunterdon County and Statewide, demonstrating how to download and use the software, and how to “get the most” from the files that have been created. Refreshments.  Free.  Reservations Required.  (Snow Date 3/15)

March 12:  Children's Historical Craft Project: Corn Husk Toys, Lenape Medicine Pouch, and More! with Janice Armstrong and Friends, Main Branch of the County Library, 10:30 am to noon (will be rescheduled if the Library is closed due to snow).  Join historian and retired educator, Janice Armstrong and friends for this wonderful hands on morning of making 18th century toys.  These craft projects replicate how toys were made for children during the Revolutionary War and will go home with your child.  Create a toy out of corn husks just like children would have more than 200 years ago!  Make your own Lenape Medicine Pouch to fill with tiny treasures!  All supplies are included.  Children should bring their sense of wonder and creative spirit!  

This event is limited to 20 children ages 6 to 12 years old.  Free. Kid-friendly, healthy snacks will be available.

Reservations are required for children only; parents are welcomed to stay and do not need a reservation.  (IN CASE LIBRARY IS CLOSED DUE TO SNOW, THIS EVENT WILL BE RESCHEDULED).

March 19:  "Searching the Search Room" at the Hunterdon County Hall of Records, 71 Main Street, Flemington, 9 am to 1 pm.  Does your Hunterdon Family or House History have roots to the Revolutionary War?  This Saturday workshop will satisfy the curiosity of any individual who has an interest in tracing their property ownership or has an interest in Common Pleas and old marriage records to help with their genealogy.  Under the direction of County Clerk Mary H. Melfi, her talented and knowledgeable staff will offer an in-depth tour of the Search Room and personalized instruction and guidance on what resources are available and how YOU can find them.   There is no fee but registration is required.

Limited to 40 participants.
March 29:  "Military Uniforms and Armaments of the Revolutionary War in Hunterdon" with Sal DeSapio, Main Branch of the County Library, 413 Route 12, Flemington, 7 pm.  Kingwood Township Historian and member of the Daniel Morgan and Hunterdon Militias, Sal DeSapio brings his expertise to a fun "show and tell" of weapons and uniforms that our brave soldiers from Hunterdon County wore.  Historically accurate details and interesting fun facts about the clothing, Sal will model his personal collection of uniforms as well as the muskets he personally uses.  Refreshements follow.  Free. Reservations required.  (SNOW DATE, MAY 10TH)


April 9:  Hearth Cooking Demonstration, Luncheon and live Colonial music with Chef Margaret Quinn, Host Roger Byrom, and the Enslows, Headquarters Farm, Delaware Township, 1:30 am, fee to be determined (Snow Date, April 16).

April 19:  "Daily Life in 1776: What was 18th Century’s Charmin? and More Answers to Questions You Never Asked!"  with Lady Ellen, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm.

April 26:  "History Thru Art: 1700s Mural Panel Revolutionary War Icons in Detail­" with Stephanie Stevens, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm.

April 30:  Children’s Chat and Play:  A Child's Life in the Days of George Washington and Games of the 18th Century, with Karen Larsen, Main Branch of the County Library, 10 am.

May 17:  "Pittstown During the American Revolution" with Stephanie Stevens, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm.

May 21:  Tour and Luncheon at Washington Crossing State Parks, with Peter Osborne; details forthcoming.

June 7:  "Washington’s Crossings and Battles in Hunterdon" with Richard Patterson, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm.

June 11:  "Hunterdon Takes Back Trenton" Bus Tour with Stephanie Stevens and Richard Patterson, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, fee and details to be announced.

June 14:  "Flags of the American Revolution" with Richard Pierce, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm.

July 23:  Children’s Colonial Activity Day at the Red Mill for Children Ages 6 to 12, noon to 4 pm, $5 per child.

September 6:  History Mapping:  “Washington Slept Here” with Marilyn Cummings, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm.

September 10:  Cemetery Ceminar: "Preserving and Protecting Revolutionary War Graves thru Legislation", Main Branch of the County Library, 10 am to 4 pm.

September 13:  "The Potterstown Skirmish" with Chip Riddle, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm. 

September 17:  "The Fate of Hunterdon Loyalists" with Todd Braisted, Clinton Township Middle School, 10 am; a tour of the 1759 Vought House follows (donation requested).

October 8:  "The Lowery's Town & Country:  A Talk and Graveyard Tour in the Country" with Sal DeSapio, Details to be announced.

October 16:  "The Lowery’s Town & Country:  A British High Tea in Town" with Susan Peterson and the Enslows, Teaberry's Tea Room, 6 pm, details and fee to be announced.

October 18:  “Layers of History”:  An 18th Century Women’s Fashion Show with Lady Ellen, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm.

October 23:  "Love, Death and Desertion:  Hunterdon’s Revolutionary War Soldiers’ Pension Records Revealed” with Marfy Goodspeed, Main Branch of the County Library, 2 pm.

November 1:  “Signs of the Times:  Hunterdon Taverns & the Placards that Attracted Patrons" with Dan and Marty Campanelli, Main Branch of the County Library, 2 pm.

November 5:  Revolutionary War Cemetery Tour South with Dave Harding, details forthcoming.

November 12:  Revolutionary War Cemetery Tour North with John Allen, details forthcoming.

November 29:  "The Architectural and Industrial History of 18th Century 'Clinton Township'" with Michael Margulies and Paul Muir, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm (tentative).

December 3:  "The Skirmish of Geary’s Ridge" with Chip Riddle, Main Branch of the County Library, 7 pm.

December 4 (tentative):  Re-Enactment of the Skirmish of Geary's Ridge at Geary's Ridge, Raritan Township.