Friday, August 23, 2013

Fireworks and no-see-ums.

Yesterday morning's rain brought yesterday afternoon's mud to the Hunterdon Agriculture and 4-H Fair.  It also brought tonight's bugs!  Throngs of people came out to see the fireworks and walk the Fair in absolutely perfect weather.  But the gnats and mosquitos enjoyed the fair, too!  A few really smart people with forethought stopped by the Tricentennial table in the Community Services tent and purchased a "Bug Ban" for $3.00.  Our non-toxic writs band brandish a gold embossed 300th logo as well as a pleasant scent that mosquitos and gnats find unpleasant.  The wrist bands last up to 40 hours outside a sealed bag.  So you can purchase one, garden for a couple of hours or walk around the Fair and then seal it in a ziplock bag and reuse it over and over again.  Pick one up at the Fair tomorrow or Sunday.... it's great for the last barbeque weekends of Summer, fall clean up, or apple picking on a warm fall afternoon. 

Meanwhile, the 300th has our monthly Saturday morning meeting tomorrow morning -- we're making the big push to fill up and finalize the calendar for 2014, finalize our fundraisers in 2013 and start working on our March 22nd Birthday Parade!


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