Thursday, August 22, 2013

ExxonMobil Becomes Major Sponsor of 300th

Very exciting day today!  The Hunterdon County Tricentennial Committee was presented with a $25,000 check by ExxonMobil in Annandale.  Emil Jacobs, Ph.D., vice president of Research and Development for ExxonMobil, who presented the $25,000 check to Hunterdon County Tricentennial Committee Chair Marcia A. Karrow and Vice Chair Catherine McVicker, stated that “the variety of events, activities and lectures shows the depth of Hunterdon’s rich history and the commitment by the Tricentennial Committee volunteers to honor that history.  ExxonMobil and its predecessor companies have a long history in the County and we are very pleased to support Hunterdon’s major milestone.  The ExxonMobil Technology Center is proud to call Hunterdon our home.”    Jacobs was joined by Chuck Darnell, manager of Research and Development Support Services, Ken Del Rossi, manager of Process Technology and Jeff Morrison, business advisor for Research and Development Support Services.

Opened in 1983, the ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company Technology Center in Annandale pursues a wide range of research activities from basic science to advanced engineering.  Researchers, technicians and engineers are exploring the fundamental science behind next generation fuels and vehicles, developing new technologies to improve the safety and efficiency of ExxonMobil’s operations, and building new methodologies and capabilities to support these efforts.

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