Friday, December 12, 2014


STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING and grab a piece of paper and a pen and quickly write a letter to the future describing your life in Hunterdon County in 2014.

Your letter to the future talking about what your life has been in 2014 living in Hunterdon County will be going into our Time Capsule and be buried for 100 years on December 31, 2014.  Imagine your great grandchild or great great grandchild being present when the Time Capsule is dug up and opened in 2114....

Your letter doesn't have to be long -- you don't even have to have attended one Tricentennnial event!

Simply, we want the future to know what life was like this year: where do you work? what do you do on weekends?  where do you live?  describe your home, your family, your pet.  Do you have a hobby? what is it?  play sports? where and with whom?

Have you been in Hunterdon long? generations? years? did you move here recently? why?  Has your family been here forever? why do you stay?

It's all about the quality of life we all love and enjoy in Hunterdon County.... We have survived for 300 years; we'll be here in another hundred.  So let your individual voice be part of the future and send us a letter.

Please mail your letter to the Tricentennial Committee at 3 Chorister Place, Flemington, NJ  08822 or drop it through our mail slot.  We must receive all letters by Sunday, December 21st to ensure that they will make it into the Time Capsule.

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