Thursday, May 1, 2014



PIANO PLAYER NEEDED: and we mean a piano player --- NOT a pianist!  Get a free meal at the Stockton Inn at our next Tavern Tour on May 10th at noon plus 2 historical talks to boot... all you have to do is play a little background music (for about 45 minutes or less) out of the Great American Songbook -- Ability to play "There's a Small Hotel" a requisite!  And you may be accompanying a singer who can do more than hum a few bars....

LINDBERGH ONE MAN SHOW TICKETS:  HERE TODAY -- GONE FOR THE REST OF OUR LIFETIMES?  There are still tickets to both the Saturday evening and Sunday matinee performances of "Charles Lindbergh: The Lone Eagle" on May 3 and May 4.  This show is amazing when performed in a regular theatre -- it will be a once in a lifetime experience performed at the Hunterdon Historic Courthouse which has been restored by the County to its "Period of Significance" -- the Lindbergh Kidnapping Trial of Bruno Hauptmann in 1934; the County still has and USES the original Jury Box chairs as well as some used by the defense and plaintiff legal teams, and the Witness Chair on which both Charles Lindbergh and Bruno Hauptmann sat!  Actor Steve Carroll has created a special Tricentennial version of the show just for us and for the venue!  Tickets available at the County North and Main Branch Libraries, the County Clerk (weekdays only), the Flemington Choir School (Saturday only) and at the door before the performances. $10 for adults; $5 for children/students; $15 for Jury Box Sunday only (sorry, Saturday Jury seats sold out).

MOTHER'S DAY -- THE PERFECT GIFT:  Now In Stock:  Autographed "Hunterdon In My Heart" beautiful coffee table books.  Why get Mom flowers that will only last a few days when you can get her a book filled with flowers, farms, woodlands, old friends and faces that will last a lifetime?  Walter Choroszewski's extraordinary photography captures the heart of Hunterdon and will make a lovely addition to your Mom's living room or library.  Every time she thumbs through it she'll think of you!  Available autographed at the Flemington Choir School, 3 Chorister Place, Flemington on Saturdays between 10 am and 2 pm for $50 -- longer lasting and less expensive than a dozen roses!

AWARD WINNING MAP PROJECT:  If you've noticed the map on our homepage and thought it interesting but nothing special, take a new look! Roll your cursor over it and click and it will take you to the timeline of Hunterdon's changing municipalities and geographic lines.  It is a lot of fun to play with and educational!  Show it to your kids or grandkids and we guarantee they'll be fascinated by it.  This map was created by Hunterdon County Geographic Information Systems Coordinator Patty Leidner.  Recently, Patty took 2nd Place in the Statewide Mapping Contest in the category of Historic Boundaries Application.  Congratulations, Patty!  The contest is for hard maps only so she had to come up with a concept that would have the feel of the interactive map she designed in honor of the 300th.  Patty designed this interactive map for the Hunterdon Tricentennial.  The 1714 and 2014 map appears on all of our programs and on the County's Municipal Directory.  We are also selling framed copies that show the last 300 years of how the map and municipal lines changed for $50 available at the Flemington Choir School during our hours on Saturdays.

JUNE TICKETS:  Look for June tickets around Mother's Day.... you'll be hearing from us with a preview of the month's best events!

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