Saturday, January 11, 2014

ENCORE! 300 Fun Facts About Hunterdon County and MORE News!!

Due to an overwhelming response for tickets for 300 Fun Facts About Hunterdon County, we are proudly offering an ENCORE lecture --- same title, same speaker, same place, same time -- just a different date!  We're even throwing in the same special 300th gift for all attendees!  After all, it's our birthday -- there has to be presents!  And of course, it's free and there will be refreshments following.

Join Hunterdon County Historian John Kuhl as he delves into interesting, sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, but always fun to know, facts about Hunterdon County.  This Encore Presentation is Tuesday, January 28th at 7 pm at the North Branch of the County Library in Clinton.  You can find our link to tickets on our website  Limited hard tickets are guaranteed to be available through next Saturday, January 18th at the Flemington Choir School, 3 Chorister Place, Flemington.  Or call us at 908-788-2030 -- leave a message and we'll set tickets aside for you.

We also have a limited amount of tickets still available on a fabulous seminar on how to rehabilitate a historical house.  You don't have to live in a Victorian gingerbread to get something out of this event.  Even if you live in a not so historical house or one that is from the 1950s that has real plaster walls or a peg floor you will get some great tips.  Historical Architect Michael Marguiles is joined by Historical Restorator and Contractor Michael Hathaway to lead us through the perceived difficulties in dealing with permits, regulations, old construction and more.

Speaking of encores and Michael Marguiles, the on-line tickets to the architecture lecture and house/grounds tour of the Vought House on February 8th with Michael are being snatched up so fast we are discussing adding an Encore of that as well sometime later this year.  Stay tuned for details.

Finally, we have added a new book to our sales inventory:  The First 300 Years of Hunterdon County is now on sale at the Flemington Choir School for $10; we will be adding other sales locations soon.  The book, created by our friends at Hunterdon County Culture and Heritage for us, updates the two past editions, The First 275 Years of Hunterdon County and The First 250 Years of Hunterdon County.  You don't have to own either of the older versions to enjoy this great volume. 

We hope to see you at lots of great events, concerts, lectures and tours this year!  We're off to a great start!!

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